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Miss Speed & Custom 2020

Registration opens Tuesday, Dec 10 2019 and closes Feb 21 2020
CBB Pageant Contestant Agreement
Contest RULES:

1) Contestants must be at least 18 year old as of the date of the event

2) Registration must be paid once application has been accepted. Registration fee is non refundable. (Due to Christmas season fee must be paid no later than Jan 31/20)

3) Contestants agree to release all rights to images, representation of image and naming rights to the Canadian Bombshell Beauties, The London Speed & Custom Show event Organizers and/or their designees.

Contest Guidelines

1) Contestants must be dressed and styled in clothing and hair appropriate for the 1940’s through the mid-1960’s. Questions about appropriate clothing please directly message us. Absolutely no costumes! This is a kid friendly show, keep it classy. If you have questions again, please do not hesitate to ask.

2) No exposed bellybuttons. High-waisted skirts, pants or two piece swimsuits are acceptable if appropriate to the 1940’s-1960’s.

3) No foul language, vulgar behavior or intentional exposure of oneself to reveal garters, lingerie or body parts above the mid-thigh or below the bra line will be tolerated on stage or during scheduled photo opportunities. Non-adherence to this policy may result in disqualification and/or forfeiture of any title and prizes.

4) Contestants who appear intoxicated or otherwise impaired on the day of the show may be disqualified at the discretion of the Canadian Bombshell Beauties, The London Speed & Custom Show and/or their designees.

5) All participants agree to be available immediately after the contest for additional photos.

6) First, second and third place winners agree to represent Miss Custom & Speed 2020 for the period of March 21/20 through to March 31/21 and to make themselves available, upon reasonable request from the Canadian Bombshell Beauties, The London speed & Custom show and/or their designees, for participation in activities relevant to promotion of the Miss Speed & Custom contest in 2021.

7) The winner of Miss Speed & Custom 2020 agree to use of image for the Canadian Bombshell Beauties 2021 Calendar.

Please email your answers and send 1 promotional photo to

1) Legal Name and Date of birth
2) PinUp Stage Name
3) Phone # and email address
4) Hometown
5) Occupation
6) Which best describes your style? Rockabilly or PinUp? and why?
7) What inspired you to sign up for Miss Speed & Custom 2019?
8) Have you read through the guidelines and do you agree? Y/N

Once application is accepted you will be given further instructions regarding payment. Due to the Christmas season payment is due no later then Jan 31/20. If payment is not received you will forfeit your place. Registration fee is $35 non refundable.

We look forward to seeing you all out!! Don’t delay!! Register today!!

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