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About Canadian Bombshell Beauties


About Us

The Canadian Bombshell Beauties are a nationwide social enterprise of women who embrace the retro and rockabilly culture. We have provincial chapters all across Canada and we organize or help coordinate retro events in our communities and help with local charity events. We are a social hub for likeminded Canadian women who embrace the lifestyle.

Photo: Dana Brushette Photography

How The Canadian Bombshell Beauties came to be....

"I wanted to meet other women who embraced the vintage culture so I started participating in pinup contests in the US and Canada in my search to find like minded women. In July 2018 I traveled the 2100km trip solo to Iola Wisconsin to meet some of my idols in the PinUp community and to compete in Miss Iola. It was there that my life was changed forever and met some of the most beautiful, kindest, most supportive women that I have ever met. I may have left that contest without a crown but I left with something worth so much more and made some amazing friendships. On my 12.5 hr drive back home to Canada I was inspired to create an organization that was nationwide with provincial chapters for like minded women who embrace the pinup and rockabilly culture.

I thought of how much I longed to met ladies like me, like the ladies I just met in Iola, but near me and I was sure that there was other women seeking the same. So on that drive somewhere in between Detroit Michigan and Sarnia Ontario the Canadian Bombshell Beauties was born. We are a organization of women who embrace the pinup/rockabilly lifestyle and our mission is to empower women, educate and raise funds for various charities in our communities and attend retro inspired events. Our name was inspired by the amazing Scarborough Bombshell Beauties in WWII who came together for our country, supported and empowered each other. I feel so lucky to have met so many amazing women in the few months that we have started and feel so humbled on the appreciation that is received for the group thus far. I am so proud to have been able to bring these ladies together and hope they have the same experience that I had in Iola and I am excited to see what the future holds for the Bombshell Beauties. Throughout this process I have developed so many friendships and amazing support and I am forever grateful and thankful that I was able to accomplish what I set out to do for the Canadian Bombshell Beauties." - Nikki Founder

Scarborough BB