Prince Edward Island

Canadian Bombshell Beauties Prince Edward Island Chapter

Tiffany, President of Prince Edward Island Chapter

I'm an assistant winemaker on the Isle, having worked for Rossignol Estate Winery for the past 10 years, you might say that I'm part of the furniture now 😉

On the home life end of things, I'm raising a super rad little man who's no stranger to hot rod love. In fact, the tradition begins back when I was a young girl..likely before I could father religiously drug my butt to classic car shows close to home. One of my fondest childhood memories was posing next to my favorite cars so he could capture a photo. These photographs I keep to this day in a special tin. Although my father is no longer with us, but still the reason I carry on this tradition with my son as he picks his favorite cars and poses for photos like a champ! His very first vinyl purchase was the American Graffiti soundtrack...pretty bomb little boy if ya ask me.

As a rock n roll junkie and an active Lindy Hopper for a few years now, I can boogie with the best of em!!

Also a motorcycle enthusiast and member of the Litas,an all womens moto community/organization.

From a victory roll sweetheart to a Bettie bang babe, my style can vary from delightful dame, to sinfully sweet rockabilly bombshell 🙂

Currently taking interest in the art of pinstriping, having a knack for things on the creative and artistic spectrum, I hope to get a handle on the practice and take the skill to max focus and potential..perhaps you'll catch me layin' lines someday!!