Central Ontario

Canadian Bombshell Beauties Central Ontario Chapter

Rachel Hensher AKA Kitty Canuck, President of Central Ontario Chapter

I’m a badass that likes to walk to her own beat. I help to inspire women to embrace who they are whatever form that may be in! I offer plus size women a place to shop and relate with each other on common issues we as women encounter.

I discovered the pinup/rockabilly world on my journey to embracing myself. I loved the inclusivity and welcoming vibe everyone had! Over time I’ve become obsessed and brought some of the fun styles to Canada to offer options for those of us who can’t always find that beautifully fitted pinup items. I do everything from blogs about my journey, to inspiration, photoshoots, consultations, and advocate for plus size women.

I like having that fun twist and merging eras together. I love the statement of being so bright and out there, but I can still hold my own. It’s become an art and expression in so many ways for me, rules are out the window it’s all about what you enjoy!

In a world where everyone has something, they dislike about themselves, I like to shed a little light on all the things I love about myself and others!